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The advent of the Aryans saw a new civilization on the banks of the Indus.. Founded centuries ago, this Hindu civilization struck deep roots and over time spread through the Indian subcontinent affecting every facet of life. This civilization has been anything but static. It has adapted itself to the changing needs of different social structures and has been enriched by the ceaseless flow of ideas. Although the basic ideological structure has remained constant, the ability to assimilate every new wave of thought has created an incredibly rich cultural texture impacting everything from social traditions to interpersonal relations.
The omnipresent impact of this plural civilization with its strengths and weaknesses constantly enriches our lives. It is this enriching struggle that forms the canvas of `Hindu`. This novel captures the vastness and plurality of life much in the manner of an epic. A deeply satisfying read, the book, the first of a quartet leaves you thirsting for more.. The author of `Kosla`, `Bidar`, `Hool`, `Zharila` and ‘Zool’once again uses the form of the novel to great effect, inviting the reader to re-examine many aspects of life.