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New Woman is the magazine for today's modern woman. Sophisticated yet fun and light-hearted, it was voted Magazine of the Year in 1999. New Woman Bloke Jokes 3 is the third collection of the best and funniest witticisms about men. The ability of men to make fools of themselves seems to be matched only by the ability of women to mock them for it as this - third in the successful series of joke books for women - clearly demonstrates. There are snappy one-liners, longer jokes and amusing lists, but the butt of the humour is always the same - the dumber half of the species: that strange, mostly harmless, creature known as the bloke! The 'Bloke Jokes' feature is a popular part of the fantastically popular magazine New Woman, and this book is crammed with nearly 300 jokes designed to put blokes back in their place! New Woman magazine is aimed at the ABCI market and has a monthly circulation of 280,000, and New Woman Bloke Jokes 3 will be advertised in the pages of the magazine and on their web site.