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34 Bubblegum & Candies - Preeti Shenoy

Life is a bit like bubblegum and candies.
Sometimes you have to keep on chewing so that you extract whatever you can out of it. At times, the bubble you blow bursts unexpectedly and you are left with a sticky mess. Sometimes you lick it slowly and relish it. When you greedily bite off more than you can chew or a hard boiled sugar candy slips down inadvertently, you bear the pain as it makes its way down the food pipe. At rare times, when you manage to strike just the right balance, a feeling of contentment reigns supreme.
Life does not come with an instruction manual, but you can still convert it to a ‘Do it yourself’ Kit! It thorows you surprises. When it trips you, you figure out that the best way to deal with it, is to just lie there and laugh, before bouncing right back.
34 Bubblegums and Candies is a collection of 34 real life incident. These could happen to anybody and you will probably recognize yourself in some of them. Some are humorous, some moving, some thought provoking but each one brings out the essence and flavor of a journey called life.
34 bubble gums and candies is one book that will tempt you, making you want you taste it, chew it, relish it. So what will today bring you—a bubblegum or a candy?