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The cases reported in this manual are, with few exceptions, based upon true stories that have been gathered from a broad spectrum of supervisors and managers. These cases have been successfully used in various management and supervisory training programs and it has been found that they produce recognition, discussion, and even debate. Invariably, they challenge trainees and encourage them to rethink and re-examine the fundamentals of being an effective leader. Together, as presented in this manual, they cover a full range of management and supervisory issues and concerns.The cases go straight to the heart of universal leadership challenges and their application extends into virtually any organizational area. They include issues such as dealing with a difficult employee, improving performance, training and coaching, selecting the right person for the job, and managing fairly and effectively. These challenges are likely to confront any manager or supervisor in any kind of organization, and developing the ability to respond to them productively and to learn from them is what this manual is all about.