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A Tale of Two Homes - DR V. SRINIVAS

Get ready to be whisked on an exciting escapade where you will encounter colourful characters across a spectrum of the good, the glittery and the greasy; embark on an epe construction adventure taken on by a novice husband and wife duo; and, then to keep you on the edge of your seat, a thrilling legal drama involving a high profile building demolition! A Tale of Two Homes is the perfect Sunday afternoon read - attention-grabbing and addictive - full of witty humour and substance. Our urological cancer surgeon-turned-author/narrator masterfully intertwines fact and fiction in this comic rendition of home construction and home preservation. Never a dull moment from start to finish, this page-turner will have you jumping between the chaos and corruption of big city, Mumbai, and the cool, slow-paced, laissez-faire way of life in the Nilgiris District of southern India. This comic debut novel by V. Srinivas offers an engaging plot line with exciting twists and turns all staged in a very atmospheric setting. Who needs fiction when reality can provide such delicious escapism? If you've ever considered building your dream home, you will devour this fascinating retelling of the expected and unexpected in one sitting! Don't buy and get your copy today. Satisfaction guaranteed!