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Baba’s Anurag : Love for His Devotees - Vinny Chitluri

Baba’s love encompassed the whole universe with an equality of vision. However he had deep emotional and spiritual ties with some of his devotees. Although Baba rarely left Shirdi in his physical form but he did visit the homes of the Dengle family in Neemgaon and the Saand family in Rahata. He went to some of his devotees place in the form of bas-relief images. The descendents of these devotees have preserved these images
and venerated them till today. They were blessed not only in this life, but also for many past lives, that they had the good fortune of welcoming Baba into their homes. This book describes the homes of many of his devotees in and around Shirdi. Their homes and lives are described vividly so that we too can have a virtual tour of them and can partake a little of the ambrosia and fragrance of Baba’s love. Baba also had deep ties with devotees who resided in Shirdi. They eagerly waited for him to pass by their homes as he wandered through the villages so that the dust from his feet would sanctify their homes and their mundane lives. This book transports one to the bygone days and describes the various leelas of Baba from which valuable lessons can be derived.

About the Author :

Vinny Chitluri was born in Arvankadu (Nilgiris), but was educated in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). She did her postgraduation in Pediatrics from Kalawati Saren Hospital, Delhi. Then she went to the US, passed the board examination and was conferred the ‘Diplomat of the American Academy of Pediatrics’. While in the US, she started thinking seriously about her Karmic bonds with her family. As her father worshipped Baba, she was also able to do the same from a very young age. She has been worshipping Baba for sixty years. Her relationship with Baba is that of a ‘best friend’ as He loves her no matter what she does.

She retired from the medical profession at the age of fifty and came to Shirdi in 1994 and settled there. Then she set about trying to know more about Baba. She soon realised that ‘the more she learned about Him, the more ignorant she was’. Alas! it would take her many lives to know a little about this inscrutable God. But her quest is ongoing.