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Boar in Boots: A Business Travelogue - Parthasarathi Swami

In the 20 plus years of liberalisation, India has been down various bylanes and dead-ends. Liberalisation has a lot going for it; most of us would not have it any other way. But it has also seen the power of money megabuck scams in which the only crime is getting caught.

This book is not concerned with relicts of history; it profiles people, processes and products that have something new to offer, that have a story to tell. Or it may be about failure; there are stories and lessons there too. But it is not a prescription. This is also not chicken soup for the Indian CEOs soul. Its more mulagatani for the manager.

All chapters and sub-chapters have a point to make. But one needs to find it. The tone of the book is not meant to be appeasing. This book has no holy cows. There are no punches pulled, even if it puts business barons in a bad moo. This book floats like a butterfly between various incidents and issues. Written with an acerbic pen, it stings like a bee too.

Parthasarathi Swami was studying Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur when he decided he had a soul above a slide rule. This was in the pre-calculator age; there was just one calculator on campus, remembers Swami. He wanted to write. But you couldnt make a living out of writing. Thats an avocation, not a profession. So Swami joined Business Standard, then a Calcutta-based business daily, as subeditor. He has stayed in business journalism ever since. Along the way, he graduated in History from Osmania University and did his post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta.

After Business Standard, Swami had short stints with India Today and The Sunday Observer. He then joined Businessworld and rose to be Managing Editor. After more than a decade there, he joined Business India, where he is currently Managing Editor. Swami is also Managing Editor of India Knowledge@Wharton, the India-focused online publication of The Wharton School (at The University of Pennsylvania). He has earlier held additional responsibility as Editor of India Now, a government of India-CII publication. Swami has been a columnist for Business Standard, Bombay magazine, The Telegraph of Kolkata, Hindustan Times, and TIME magazine.

He lives in Mumbai with his wife, two children and four dogs.