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In A Career Spanning Four Decades, Ruskin Bond Has Mapped Out And Peopled A Unique Literary Landscape. This Omnibus Edition Brings Together All His Published Fiction, Remarkable For Its Charm And Quiet Wisdom. In Addition To Over Fifty Short Stories, The Selection Includes All The Longer Works By Ruskin Bond: The Room On The Roof And Vagrants In The Valley, Two Classic Novels Of Adolescence; A Flight Of Pigeons, The Haunting Story Of The Capture Of A Young English Girl By A Pathan During The Revolt Of 1857; And Delhi Is Not Far, Where The Narrator, A Young Bisexual Writer, Describes His Ambivalent Relationship With The Streetwise Suraj And The Prostitute Kamla. Also Included Is The Sensualist, A Novella Which Created A Controversy When It First Appeared Over Twenty Years Ago And Has Not Been Published In Book Form Before.