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Competing on Internet Time

When Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark founded Netscape in 1994, they were the first to envision how the Internet could revolutionise conventional ways of using computers, distributing software, communicating with other people, and conducting business. In this penetrating analysis of strategy-making and product innovation in the dynamic markets of commercial cyberspace, bestselling authors Cusumano and Yoffie draw vital lessons from Netscape and how it has employed the techniques of 'judo strategy' in its pitched battle against Microsoft. Through on-site observation and in-depth interviews, the authors construct a blueprint detailing how this hugely successful software company has competed on Internet time. They suggest that by designing products that run on multiple operating systems and staying flexible, they have forced Microsoft into an immovable and therefore less competitive position. Managers everywhere will want to absorb these valuable lessons from the fastest growing software company in history and put them to work in their organisations now - before the competition does!