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Huge losses incurred in currency derivatives contracts by several companies in the recent past have exposed lapses on the part of corporate and bank treasury professionals in understanding the implications of hedging, and the difference between risk reduction and cost reduction. The issue of hedge effectiveness, especially with the mandatory use of Accounting Standard 30 on accounting and disclosure norms from 2011-12, becomes critical for company auditors as well. In this context, Currency Exposures and Derivatives, a distillate of the author's rich experience in advising companies and teaching B school students and executives, comes as topical offering for corporate treasurers, chartered accountants, auditors, bankers, and students and faculty of management. A companion volume to his book Cash and Derivatives Markets in Foreign Exchange, this book covers: Types of currency exposures and their effects on the bottom-line of businesses Exchange rate movements Risk management issues and policies for corporate treasuries Use and misuse of derivatives Provisions of AS 11, AS 16 and AS 30 related to the accounting issues and the rules for establishing hedge effectiveness