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Drama Queen - Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

So BIZARRE It’S Gotta be Tr ue! Filmstar, writer, singer, painter, candlestick maker – Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, dips in and out of her life, taking us through a hormone-driven period, five years post marriage, divorce, fame and everything else that a girl could possibly want – to the present. Now a single mother suffering the crippling effects of ‘Aphallatosis’ – a rare mental disorder arising from lack of sex – she is only looking for the happy-ever-after of true love and twin babies, but finds herself being pushed in all the wrong directions by shrewd analysts, horny canines, pushy gal-pals, and men who are either unsuitable, unwilling, or just plain terrified. How can she loosen up without becoming loose? How can she hold on to her sanity? How can she shake off the vice-like grip of her primly disapproving, strict, South Indian, moral, middle-class upbringing? And, Aiyyo, what will Amma say? Wicked, irrepressibly funny and over-the-top, yet also vulnerable and dark, Drama Queen is a fictional memoir that will make you laugh and cry and look at the modern Indian woman in a whole new light.'