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Crimes against women are increasing day by day and it can happen to you tomorrow. There is a spine-chilling rape or mole station case in the news almost everyday and many more that we don't get to hear about but not much seems to have changed about this scenario. So what can you do to prepare and protect yourself? As a woman in today's unsafe world, you can empower yourself, be alert, get fit, learn self defense techniques, equip yourself with vital information, anything little thing that can get you out of a dangerous situation and save your life. Vesna Jacob's Fit to Fight is a timely book that is packed with real life survivor stories, life-saving information and vital tips that every woman must know. So what are you waiting for, get fit to fight.

About the Author
Vesna P. Jacob, the spirit behind Vesna's Wellness Clinic is a Bosnian who made New Delhi her home some eight years back. She has established herself as apremier pilates, fitness and wellness expert with a long list of the glitterati of Delhi's political, social and corporate spheres. As a fitness expert, she has made an appearance on many TV channels like CNNIBN, NDTV, Headlines Today, Times Now, VOI and Sahara TV. She is also a prolific writer. Her articles have been published in Hindustan Times, Sananda, Men's Health and Prevention. Work it out without a Workout was her first book.