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HOW TO BE A GOOD PARENTAbout The Book: How To Be A Good Parent provides to parents of children and adolescents everything they need to know to deal effectively with the most commonly encountered behavioral problems encountered in childhood and adolescense. This book helps parents understand the causes and consequences of their child's actions and feelings. Parents are better prepared to deal effectively with the most commonly experienced behavioral problems of childhood and adolescence. Instead of confusion, uncertainty, anger, frustrations, and other difficulties that occurs when problems are not dealt with effectively, parents can remain in control and help their child develop adaptively by dealing with problems effectively. The information provided in this book would truly help that reads it become a better parent. How To Be A Good Parent will help its readers do just that.About The Author: Dr. Don Fontenelle received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Oklahoma State University. He is in private practice in Metarie, Louisiana. Dr Fontenelle has spent most of his career helping children and their parents. His workshops for teachers and parents on Child/Adolescent Behavior and for parents are widely praised for the positive results experienced by participants. Dr. Fontenelle has authored 13 books on children/adolescents for parents and teachers some of who have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.