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Implementing Strategic Change: Tools for Transforming an Organization Book - S. A. Vaneswaran and Steven H. Hoisington

This book provides a discussion on major topics impacting an organization that is grappling with the concept of change management and the need to significantly improve performance. Many organizations, in the context of rapidly changing market dynamics and fierce competition, need to not only be responsive to these changes but also continue to re-strategize on an ongoing basis to remain on the leading edge. In trying to translate that objective into a reality, most companies remain clueless and wrestle with solutions of the day or flavors of the month or program of the year that often end up being less than effective. You can hear their mantra of wanting to be like a GE or an IBM without investing the time, energy, and resources to improve. Implementing Strategic Change offers a solution that will guide organizations to a methodical approach to remain competitively superior at all times. The book will assess the pros and cons of various models used to assess and guide an organization's overall performance such as reengineering, Six Sigma, and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. explain different methods to establish and reinforce this behavior throughout all levels of the organization. The book will: 1. Stress upon the need to create and enhance customer and shareholder value. 2. Present an integrated approach that explains how to make best use of approaches such as EVA, Baldrige, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, etc. favorable odds.