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Indian Voices is a heart-stirring compilation. An amazing repertoire of prose and poetry penned by Indians from different corners of the world brings to life the unique characteristics and myriad feelings associated with this pulsating and colorful country.

Experience new expressions from across borders speaking the same language; moving words which encapsulate the amazing geographical breadth and cultural diversity, vividly capturing the unimaginable depth of emotions that power your Senses. Empathize with familiar situations, normal people, their despair and ecstasy as you get drawn into real-life dramas, keeping you involved and engrossed as accomplished and emerging Indian author's string together thoughts in a masterful manner.

Indian Voices provides a continuing newness, a renewed vision of words and history, and makes all of it accessible well beyond the confines of India. It is a captivating affair which takes charge of the reader and lingers long in the mind, allowing imagination to rule. We invite you to join this soul-stirring journey.