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Lalu - Satyabrata Biswas

The story of Jaya, her fraternal twins Rahul and Rani and their faithful dog Lalu spans two lifetimes and goes from the time the twins were conceived and shared the limited space in their mother’s womb to their death and then again, the time they were re-born and re-united as one family.

The story has thrill, pathos, adventure, emotion and all the ingredients that embellish our lives and make living an interesting and captivating experience.

Rahul and Rani live a happy life with their mother Jaya but their happiness is short-lived. Situations change, hardships have to be faced and the children eventually meet a dreadful end.
They lead lonely, forlorn lives, pining for one another. The strange twists and turns of fate and the experiences they undergo before coming together again as the same family makes engrossing reading. The story meanders between despair and hope with a surprise lurking behind each page.

The dog Lalu is an integral part of the story and his role cannot be undervalued. One of the highlights of the novel is the author’s brilliance in managing to portray the dog’s feelings with insight and humour.