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In every business, the ultimate aim is to deliver value to the customer. Lean is a set of practices that maximizes customer value by minimizing waste and creating the perfect process for your organization. As economies worldwide turn more service oriented, Lean principles have the capacity to revolutionize business processes and create customer delight. Lessons in Lean Management explains how by using the philosophy of lean, service businesses can cost-effectively improve services and quality for the customer. Using real life case studies, the book presents useful insights on how to effectively apply the principles of Lean management and empower people.Lucid, easy to read and organized in short lessons, the book provides leaders and mangers with hands-on experiential knowledge on how to: • Prepare your organization for a Lean transformation • Drive the Lean process effectively through people • Improve quality and value to your customers • Reduce delivery time and expand capacity This book will provide you with a roadmap on how to embrace, improve and profit from Lean. It has the capacity to revolutionize both your business and your bottom-line. The book also provides first-of-their-kind tools which have been pioneered by the author and can come handy in any operational excellence endeavour.