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From heady success to the dregs of despair and further - this is the story of a successful surgeon's tumble from the pinnacle of glory into the abyss of misery. It chronicles the tortuous journey of Dr. Sen who plummeted from the peak of his career and social life to a non-entity in the company of a band of roving gypsies. The tale traces his travels through brightness and gloom, passing through phases of happiness with a beautiful wife and a close-knit family with three lovely daughters, the anguish of being deserted by his wife, the pain of separation from his daughters, the ignominy of becoming a professional pariah due to his drinking habit and his own inability to overcome his weakness. It is also a story of one man's search for true love, for peace and the happiness that eluded him when he was affluent and his struggle to find it as a poor man who had nothing except the burden of his past. Tantalisingly close to finding a meaning to his life at one moment and once again losing everything in the next, Dr. Sen's roller coaster ride through life is a page-turner, full of twists and turns, never a certainty of what will happen next.