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Mastering Change: The Power of Mutual Trust and Respect in Personal Life, Family Life, Business, and Society - Ichak Adizes

This book, written in a conversational format with easy-to-understand graphics, presents a tested method for mastering change, whether in personal life, family life, business or society. In short chapters that are profound, yet easy to follow, Dr. Adizes conveys his method of understanding the dynamics of change.

Mastering Change addresses many issues which are critical to our future, both individually and collectively: what to do about change; why conflict is necessary; how to engage in conflict constructively; how to communicate with others whose style is different from your own; how to make quality decisions; how to convert committee work into teamwork; what are the sources of efficiency and effectiveness; how to recognize mismanagement styles; how to predict whether decisions will be implemented; how to create mutual trust and respect; capi, the key to mastering change.