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Miles to run before I sleep is the true story of Sumedha Mahajan, a married, working woman who undertook an extraordinary journey. At an age when most women worry about household finances and the responsibilities of starting a family, she wanted to break the mould and follow her dreams. Sumedha was born with asthma and the hospital was her second home throughout childhood. She started running to keep herself fit and to prevent asthma attacks, but it developed into a way of life. Then, in April 2012, she took up the challenge of running 1,500 kilometres from Delhi to Mumbai in thirty days. When the run began, it was purely a physical challenge which she had set for herself but, as it progressed, it became a mental struggle that pushed Sumedha to her very limits. And, as she made her triumphant way to the finish line, she overcame not just her physical shortcomings, but also the extreme prejudice of onlookers who were convinced that she would fail miserably.

An account of gruelling adventure and a rousing story about finding oneself, Miles to Run before I Sleep both inspires and delights.