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Miraculous Living - Shoni Labowitz

The mystical, life-transforming path of the Tree of Life of the kabbalah has existed for thousands of years, yet until the publication of Miraculous Living no one has put forth its essence in a way that every person - regardless of his or her religious background - can put to use in his or her own life. Rabbi Shoni Labowitz guides readers on a spiritual journey through the Ten Heavenly Gates of the Tree of Life: Intention, Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion, Strength, Harmony, Success, Glory, Creativity, and Nobility, so that people of all faiths and backgrounds can access the profound wisdom of the kabbalistic path. In Miraculous Living, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz maps out this simple path for receiving and creating miracles in one's own life. It is relevant both to those coming to the kabbalah for the first time and to longtime practitioners - anyone who cares deeply about rediscovering the richness of his or her spirituality and celebrating life. By accessing the ancient wisdom of the Tree, we too can enter worlds of splendor and joy, tap into the Divine pattern, and turn our most treasured dreams into wondrous realities.