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Nicholas Van Hoogstraten: Blood and Retribution

Nicholas van Hoogstraten is a super-rich business man whose ruthless exploitsave kept his name in the headlines for 30 years. Most recently, he was founduilty of the manslaughter of business associate Mohammed Sabir Raja, who wastabbed five times and shot at point-blank range by hitmen sent byoogstraten. This was the culmination of a career of wreaking vengeance onnyone who dared get in his way. In building a vast fortune, he secretlyinked up with one of the most frightening gangsters in Britain, with aicious regime in Africa and, according to some, collusions with the Mafia.e employed thugs to bomb the home of a man who owed him money. He sent aang to terrorise an old people's home. He was suspected of involvement in anrson attack which killed five party-goers. He threatened friends and rivals even judges - with death. This book reveals the real Van Hoogstraten: hisife, his women, his riches and what exactly has made one man so feared.