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About The Book- Nirupama is the story of those few women of the generation who interfaced between the homebound traditional women of the millennia gone by and the educationally and socially empowered career women of today. Nirupama is present at that critical time in Indian society which had just opened up to educated women's passage into the workplace but not as yet relinquished its hold over women's role as the silent and disenfranchised facilitator in the greater family.
Nirupama flows hauntingly through the recesses of mind, its beautifully crafted narrative touching the soul, the poignant storytelling etching a niche in the conscience. This story of Indian society is a historical record of times gone by for career women and still holds relevance for many, many women in India and the developing world entering the workforce today. A story of a unique womanhood that is unputdownable.