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Is it too late to join the New Economy? With the rise of the internet on one hand and a high-tech stock shakeouts on the other, traditional brick-and-mortar companies find themselves squeezed between the dot.coms and fear of going on-line too late, after winners have cleaned up.

Mary Modahl thinks now is exactly the time to make the e-business transition.  The next five years will be decisive on the Web -- and your company can successfully compete, if it relies on more than Internet platitudes to make the jump.  Modahl presents a groundbreaking model of consumer behavoir called Technographics:  Built on interviews with 250,000 Americans, it divides consumers into ten segments, according to their attitudes toward the Internet.  With this and other concepts, Modahl shows how each business can create an intelligent, targeted strategy of its own.  Engagingly written, brimming with real-life stories, Now or Never offers potent, timely guidance, based on research only limited to only the biggest corporations.