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In a highly digitized world where social media has almost replaced human interactions on the physical plane, what if something magical happens that defies logic, convention and reason? This is where the story begins. The location: none other than a social media platform. The protagonist: none other than a social media addict- 10 year old Pia whose world transforms radically one day when confined to her room with a leg injury, she has a virtual encounter on her favourite social media site: Peerbook with an unknown friend, Hanu who cheers up a dismal Pia with jokes, chatter, shop talk and even guidance till Pia unveils her new friend's identity. Could it be possible that Hanu is none other than the ancient Indian epitome of might, valour and devotion: Hanuman? Can Pia actually chat with the ancient deity online and share her innermost fears and dreams with someone she has thus far only known in mythology comics and movies? Can she move from disbelief to faith? Can she discover a strength she has never known? Find out in this uniquely thrilling and enlightening first-time ever encounter between a victim of technology and the supreme power- and all that transpires in between.