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Project Management for Profit - Joe Knight, Roger Thomas, Brad Angus

No More Headaches, Hypertension, or Heartburn If your work involves projects, then this book is for you. It will show every company owner and project manager--at businesses large and small--how to run projects differently. You'll benefit if you've ever: * been over budget on a project * exceeded a timeline on a project * worked on a project that completely stalled as you neared the finish line * lost money on a sure-thing project and had no idea why * noticed that scope and feature creep held you back * watched a project take three times as long as planned * felt too embarrassed to perform a review of your successes and failures * wondered whether your project actually made any money By the time you finish the book, you'll be ready to implement Project Management for Profit in your own company--and be prepared to keep your projects on track and on budget.