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Ramblings of the 110th - Ruzbeh Nari Bharucha

One of the most illuminative, influential spiritual writers of our times, author of The Fakir Trilogy & The Aum of all Things, Ruzbeh N Bharucha is so the 1 10th Master, for The Times Of India’s spiritual publication, The Speaking Tree.

Through his deep empathy and profound understanding of the Divine, along with his inimitable style, customary wit, unconventional language, incisive wisdom, have emerged a series transformative articles, infusing the very word with a force that has already enhanced the lives of innumerable readers all over the world.

The Ramblings of the 110th is a powerful compilation of his articles which were amongst the top three most commented and "most read" blogs of the Week. These revelations of Light and Spirit, unfold the alchemical processes to embrace the grit of everyday challenges and with faith, compassion, love and the belief of Oneness, walk through the fiery deserts of karmic cleansing and soar in surrender to the Divine will of one’s Master.

Imbued with grace and his practical approach to spirituality and life, his words teach the power of Prayers & Meditations that guide from Visualisation to Realisation, from outer chaos to Inner light, from the Root Chakra to the 8th Chakra of Krishna Consciousness, culminating in the love of the Goddess Mother as She births the Godhood within you.