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The Secret Diary of a Sports Star, is the story of Ashish Sharma, a regular guy who went on to fulfill his dream to not only play for the Indian Cricket team, but become a World Champion as well. As his relationships wither away, he finds himself alone at his pinnacle of success. His world turns around when he is diagnosed with germ cell cancer and he finds himself staring at the end of his career and possibly, much worse things. Will it be the end of a promising career? Will he muster up enough courage to defeat what threatens something he is most admired for his indomitable passion? Out of nowhere, comes his childhood love, Garima, someone he had left behind years ago, to lend a helping hand to sail through this debacle. The Secret Diary of a Sports Star traces the life and times of Ashish Sharma, a man touted to lead India to world domination in the sport which had come to define his life. It's a story of triumph against all odds, a story of unparalleled success borne out of hardship and turmoil.