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As a child, Jessica Price was given a beautiful pair of shoes with a sixpence hidden in the toe. Her father explained that the coin was from the fairies and was "for luck, and to say you have far to go in life." Growing up in the aftermath of World War I, Jess is torn between her hen-pecked father and her cantankerous, ambitious mother. For amusement she creates alternative fairy tales while submitting to her mother's strict Catholic upbringing. Following a disastrous spell as housekeeper to the local priest, Jess works happily in the office of her uncle's shoe factory and falls in love with her childhood soul-mate and adopted cousin Wilf, who dreams of being a great artist and sculptor. But it is only when she must rescue her godchild from an orphanage that Jess's path is truly set and she finally steps into an enchanted future. Filled with courage, loyalty, and enduring love, this is a charming story that proves that there is a touch of magic in everything.