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Sri Ramakrishna and His Divine Play - Swami Saradananda

This is the authoritative source biography of Ramakrishna (1836-1886) based on interviews with those who knew him. It is also an interpreted description of the entire range of Ramakrishna?s spiritual disciplines and experiences, explained as much as possible in terms of reason and common empirical experience, with reference to Hindu scriptures and spiritual traditions, western philosophy, Hindu psychology, and Western religious tradition. The setting is Northeast India from 1775 to 1836. Topics include: Avatar; evolution of concept and purpose of: Bhavas (spiritual moods): Bhavamukha (mental state dwelling between the Absolute and the Relative): Brahmo Samaj: Cosmic Mind: Creation and Evolution; Brahman as efficient cause: God; various concepts and spiritual attitudes towards: Guru: India; its spiritual and religious beliefs compared to other countries: Kali Temple at Dakshineswar: Nondual Reality (Advaita): Ramakrishna?s life; worship of Divine Mother; realization of God in Hindu and non-Hindu religions; marriage; disciples: Samadhi: Tantra and Vaishnava Sects; history and methods of worship: Vedanta; main schools and basis in mystic experience: Vivekananda (Narendranath Datta): Yoga.