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Straight from the CEO reveals the practical, far-reaching insights of the world's top CEOs, including:
Royal Dutch/Shell's Cor Herkströter, mastermind of the most ambitious makeover among the world's energy behemoths;
British Airways' Sir Colin Marshall, the market genius who powered the carrier's celebrated turnaround;
Chase Manhattan's Walter Shipley, architect of one of the largest mergers ever to take place in the financial sector;
Monsanto's Robert B. Shapiro, who has raised the hurdle bar on growth and profitability goals, although the company is at the peak of its form;
British Aerospace's Sir Richard Evans, developer of one of Britain's biggest and boldest corporate-change management programs;
Compaq Computer's Eckhard Pfeiffer, who has transformed himself from a successful turnaround artist into a hard-driving champion of continuous corporate renewal.
Straight from the CEO is a major event, providing the rare opportunity to hear directly from the world's greatest business leaders. No ivory-tower theorizing, no speeches, no "consultant speak," these are the practical insights of leaders who every day must find ways to test and validate new ideas, implement change to improve the bottom line, and ultimately focus on the core ideas that will truly reshape their corporations. Straight from the CEO is an invaluable tool for managers at every level.