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Let’s Talk Openly and Honestly about Money The First Complete Book Which Reveals the Secrets of Money & Life of the Amazing Business Communities of India Never before has a book explored the Time tested practical wisdom of so many communities of India. This book is all about seeing Money, wealth creation, and amazing aspects of Life through the eyes of the business community. You will feel pride for your own community and also learn insights from other communities. This book is purely practical in nature. Whether you are an MBA, a Student, Working, Business Owner, Professional or a top executive in a company, you need to be Street Smart. Street Smart is not a natural born talent, it can be learnt. In this book you will explore- How to be Street Smart? Develop Practical Skills to Thrive in the Modern World Fill up the missing gap of knowledge and actions to become prosperous. Learning from their values, traditions, cultures and belief systems which are tried and tested since four generations Go back to the roots to discover the magic created by your forefathers Enhance your Gut Feel and Intuition Live each day fully and vibrantly!