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After setting their YouTube videos in viral motion, Dan and Phil share their extraordinary world with the readers in this book. Dan Howell, who constantly claims that he is not on fire (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester, also known as Amazing Phil, are two popular YouTubers who have come together to share their bizarre world with fans through this book.

These colourful characters from UK are two of the most amusing comedians on the internet and coincidentally they are friends in real life. Their twisted take on random casual events leaves their viewers laughing out loud which explains their 11-million and more viewer community. Through the book, these young comedians share with their fans some exclusive behind-the-scene facts and also some secrets, which they might grow up to regret someday.

Phil discusses why he was such a weird kid while sharing some pages from his secret diary. Dan discovers why he has been such a fail so far. With their twisted advices on how to react in some common awkward situations and how to draw perfect cat whiskers, the reader also gets the inside story of when they met One Direction. Apart from all the madness and comical parts that make this book, there are also a lot of unseen colour photographs of the two touring around the world, their drawings and more.

About the author:

Dan Howell and Phil Lester: Two young YouTube vloggers and entertainers from the United Kingdom, Dan Howell and Phil Lester’s quirky comic videos about their lives and observations on the world have earned them the status of great comedy maestros with both of them sharing around 11-million viewers in their community.