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The Gamechangers - The Fake IPL Player

Indian Bollywood League, India's premier T20 cricket tournament, is all set for its second edition. With the hard cash that it spins around, the league is as much about cricket as it is about the starts involved – both on the field and off it, Kings of Bollywood, glamorous starlets, cricketing demi-gods, business tycoons – everyone has something to gain and a whole lot to lose during this 35-day extravaganza.

But upsetting the apple-cart for many of them is FIP, the Fake IBL Player, spreading gossip and tainting reputations with the scandalous revelations on his blog. Now super-sleuth Parminder Mahipal Singh, a.k.a. Detective PMS, has been roped in to go undercover and find the treacherous 'rat'.

With big bucks, bigger personality and fragile egos batting for supremacy, can politics conspiracy and deception be far behind? Will PMS be able to stop the Fake IBL Player from spreading his poison? And what exactly does happen behind the scenes in cricket's richest league?