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The High-Value Manager gives you the broad knowledge base that will help you safeguard your job and advance your career, especially in tough times. It outlines 80 core competencies typically required for managerial success - the benchmarks that executives use most often when deciding whom to hire, promote, or fire. And it helps you determine which competencies are most important in your organization.To help you squeeze every drop of practical guidance from this book, the authors provide a self-evaluation questionnaire that pinpoints your managerial strengths and weaknesses. It's the private, objective way to identify where improvement is needed. You'll also find a complementary series of "managerial capability" questions that can be used to gain insights from your boss, employees, peers, and customers.This guide will prepare you to focus on 4 key management competency areas: leadership, continuous improvement, team management, and life and career planning. Specifically, The High-Value Manager will help you acquire or enhance such skills as communicating a clear vision, creating a learning environment, facilitating and coaching teams, playing politics the positive way, getting people to talk about problems, listening effectively, steering conflicts away from personalities and toward issues, focusing on customers, cultivating a power base, and increasing your visibility.Part management workbook and part career guide, The High-Value Manager will enable you to make the crucial transition from adequacy to excellence. Like a fitness class, it is designed for active involvement. Under each core competency, you'll find clear descriptions of the managerial concept(s) involved, guidelines for mastering the skill under discussion, on-the-job examples and scenarios you can relate to, and quizzes or other self-help tools to help you grow.