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The Mahanadi Dream - Subhakanta Behera

The Mahanadi Dream is not just the story of a young man's travails and tribulations in his search for a new meaning in his life in a modernising and industrialising but conservative society. It is also a definitive account of the political-administrative culture, social orthodoxy and economic deprivation of our times. While charting Arun's journey in finding a new meaning in his life through self-reliance, the novel brings out the hurdles that stand in his way political opportunism, hooliganism, societal orthodoxy and administrative inertia. Set in the heart of the state of Orissa in the historic, 1000-years-old city of Cuttack, The Mahanadi Dream makes for interesting reading as Subhakanta Behera tactfully weaves the plot around some historical sites of the city like Ravenshaw College, the Kathajodi embankment and the College Square that lend credence and excitement to the narrative.