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Every girl's essential handbag guide to the full range of no-surgery treatments on offer from the cosmetic doctor on TV's 10 Years Younger, Dr Patrick Bowler. Hands up if you're bored of buying the latest expensive age-defying face cream and not seeing any results. Or if you'd like to remove a few wrinkles and blemishes, but are too scared to go 'under the knife' - most of us want to slow down the ageing process but taking three weeks off work swaddled in bandages while the swelling goes down is not our idea of a good time. Luckily Dr Patrick Bowler, from TV's 10 Years Younger, is here to help, sharing his insider knowledge of the fast, pain-free, affordable alternatives to surgery. In his jargon-free guide, Dr Bowler answers the questions on everyone's lips about each treatment, such as 'does it hurt?', 'how long does it last for?' and 'how much does it cost?'. And the good news is that most of these non-invasive treatments, from Botox to facial peels, can even be fitted in during your lunch break.