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Excellent! High stakes, fast action, vibrant characters . . . Not to be missed!'LEE CHILD 'Think Indiana Jones and The Da Vinci Code and you're in Kuzneski-land'SUNDAY SPOT 'Makes you wish it would never end'CLIVE CUSSLER Bavaria, 1886 . . . King Ludwig II is declared insane by his government and removed from the throne. A day later, Ludwig's corpse washes up in the shallows of Lake Starnberg. Rumours swirl about the tragedy, but few know why the eccentric king was really killed. Or what secret was silenced by his death. Germany, present day . . .Hidden amongst the crates in a newly discovered Nazi bunker are documents stamped with a black swan, the insignia of the murdered king. As a favour to a friend, operatives Jonathon Payne and David Jones fly to Bavaria to protect the documents, but soon face a life-or-death battle against an unknown enemy. The duo must solve the mystery behind the king's death, else they'll share his tragic fate.