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Transforming Indians to Transform India -  Chinmaya Mission, Rukma D. Naik (Chief Editor), Kokila Annamalai

Seven spellbinding stories, one audacious goal. Transforming Indians to Transform India takes its first, bold step through this compilation of short stories which explore seven different dimensions of the human personality which, when honed, will birth a complete citizen and with him, a new society. The first story lights the spark of patriotism in the reader. The next three stories delve into the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the individual person, empowering him to grow into a well-balanced human being, ready to serve his nation. The final three stories expound on culture, spirituality and universal outlook – aspects that characterize a civilized person and an advanced society. As a collection, the stories transform the reader into a truly cosmopolitan citizen who can see beyond borders – both in his personal life and in his vision of society