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VISION BEHIND TRUWEIGHT: Weight loss industry is filled with cons. There are dozens of fancy weight loss gadgets and pills which do not work. We could not find a single company whom we could TRUST for weight loss. Hence, Truweight was born: a company whom you can trust completely with your weight loss. Our mantra is " No Gadgets. No Medicines. No Lies. Only True Weight Loss". Secrets you will learn in this book: Why eating less and exercising more will not lead to lasting weight loss? Which hormones help in storing fat and which help in burning fat? How to turn on the fat burning switch in our body, so that you lose fat 24 hours a day? Does eating corn flakes and soya milk make you slim or fat? It's not just about what you eat but in what combination and at what time! Why is refined oil not good? How to turn 100 trillion bacteria in your body into a fat burning army? What are 7 root causes of your weight gain & how to attack all of them? Other weight loss programs solve only 1-2 causes!.