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In this unique and refreshing approach to yoga, breath, awareness, and movement are combined to radically transform the practice. Individual poses are seamlessly linked within specially-created sequences that generate relaxation, inner calm, and mental focus.

Classic hatha yoga poses were carefully chosen to connect in sequences of 13 to 20 poses to create a dynamic and fluid practice. Based on years of studio teaching and advanced training, the flows - ranging in difficulty from basic through to intensive - are shown here in separate gatefold spread units that can be easily followed by the reader. Yogaflows features:

12 continual sequences progressing from beginning to advanced, are illustrated on easy-to-use gatefolds Detailed instructions for breathing techniques Specific warm-ups to prepare for practice at all levels Challenging transitions between poses are explained in a separate Focus on Flows section Fully illustrated 123-pose glossary The author herself demonstrates all poses in the book