Emma's Baby

Emma's Baby

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Condition: Almost New
ISBN: 9780857503749
Author: Abbie taylor
Pages: 464
Edition: 2017
Publisher: Bantam
That was how she saw him, mostly, in the weeks that followed. Standing there in the doorway with his toothy little grin, his crooked fringe, his blue fleece with the smiley elephant on the front.

Life as a single mother is hard. Emma loves her thirteen-month-old son Ritchie, she really does but sometimes, she dreams about what life would be like without him. But when Ritchie is abducted from the London Underground, Emmas dream becomes a nightmarish reality.

So why dont the police seem to believe her? Why do they think that she would want to harm her son?

If Emma wants Ritchie back, it looks like shell have to find him herself. She hasnt been the best mother in the past but shes willing to go to desperate lengths to bring her little boy home . . .