While You Were Dreaming

While You Were Dreaming

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Condition: Almost New
ISBN: 9780007267835
Author: Lola jaye
Pages: 260
Edition: 2009
Publisher: Harpertorch
Lena has always kept her two sisters Millie and Cara in check.

Beautiful but lazy Millie relies on her sister for everything. She needs to pull herself together and get a job but is constantly distracted by the string of men in her life...

Cara runs a successful bar with her adoring boyfriend Ade.He cant wait to start a family but Cara isnt ready. Will she ever be?

But when Lena is involved in an accident her sisters forget their own issues and rush to her side.As they desperately try to wake Lena from her deep sleep, they begin to learn things they never knew about themselves and discover their much-loved sister had a few secrets in her closet...

A funny and heartwarming tale about family, love and living for the moment.